Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bring Me Free Hijab

First time ever join lucky draw.. Lucky me?? Hope so..

Join this and you'll be lucky too..

-this is an easy game for bloggers! get a chance to win free hijab!! we'll be giving away 5 hijab for free!!u might be the lucky five!! all you need to do is just..
1. copy this to post to your blog..with a title "bring me free hijab"
2. then email to give us your blog url
3. we will give your number for lucky draw
4. you must post this before 29 October 2011
5. we will announce 5 lucky number on 30 October 2011

ok if korg tkde blog pon tkpe, pegi kat FB nade nook ni je

p/s : Tuan blog ni tengah giler contest/giveaway/lucky draw..sume dia nak balun..harap maklum.. Pang!!

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