Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam Maulidur Rasul to all b2b and readers..

Hari ni nak join satu contest yang dibuat oleh ex-b2b Puan Intan

What to do? Just simple one..
  1. Follow my blog  : Done
  2. Write most creative entry in your blog and/or your Facebook in Malay or English - why we have to choose you as the winner?
  3. Share contest banner in your blog entry or Facebook. Done
  4. Drop your link at below comments column form or mail to for our evaluation.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Malaysia future brides in 2012 (earlier the better) - April 2012 (earlier right puan intan??)
  2. Applicable to future brides within Klang Valley and Terengganu (subject on availability to maintain fresh flowers qualities) I kat Banting, Selangor (consider Klang Valley kan??)
  3. Latest submission : 14 February 2012.
  4. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Choose me please!! Perasan!
  5. By entering this contest, you are deemed to have read and agreed with these terms.
Ok. Rasanye syarat yang penting da dipenuhi. Marila mari kita check-it-out why Puan Intan memilih saya sebagai pemenang. p/s : entry seterusnya mungkin akan sila bertahan!! chaiyok!!


I want to support business from ex-b2b

As i know, Puan Intan ni sangat suka share about wedding tips or idea with us through her blog. Then one day masa I baca blog dia (refer sini kawan-kawan) saya xsangka yang Puan Intan telah berjaya menghasilkan handbouquet yang sangat cantik. Bukan memuji sampai ke bintang ye cuma menghargai hasil kerja Puan Intan ni. Yep i know and she also know that there are room of improvement and lesson learnt but the important thing you shoul know is

Mana tau one day she would be one of the famous Wedding Planner kat Malaysia ni kan?? Amin.....
Setiap perjalanan bermula dengan langkah pertama... So,I hope this is her baby step for another more brightness step in her future. Amin..Amin..


I adore her handbouquet wedding

Ok. Maybe it is a lil bit annoy but seriously I really adore her handbouquet. Simple and classy look for me.
Nowdays kan b2b out there prefer something new and diffferent. But for me just something like that can add some EXTRA GORGEOUS masa nikah nanti. Feeling like a princess gitu. (drama queen betul minah ni!!)
I really love red roses sampaila masa konvo dulu pon mintak dapat chipmunksbouquet kot sebab bunga rose tu lima kuntum je dibawah vontot chipmunks. But thats satisfy me a lot coz it given from someone that i love..(love u sayang!!) Since then, i told my mama yang wedding i nanti i nak red roses yang banyak masa nikah. So that I akan nampak lebih outstanding dari orang lain (see..again drama queen mode datang) ..


Just trying my STAR luck!!

What i can say is that if i win this it will be my REZEKI for my wedding..huhu.. So, Puan Intan feel free to choose me as one of your winner (sila jangan malu-malu pilih b2b yang memang xmalu nak menang ni)
Hahaha.. i think thats all yang i nak share dengan semua. Once again, im not an extraordinary or creatively to design meletop post coz i am simple bride to be.(xsemua simple kot..ahak!!)

So, till the revealation of the winner from Puan Intan and i guest i stop here.



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  1. wah wah menarik jugak ni..susah nye nk buat penilaiannn..stress~~ hehe by the way awak tlg share bile date bersejarah boleh? insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki result akan diumumkan selepas 14feb..good luck dear :)